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This is the home page for John H. McGrew, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology

Key responsibilities
My key responsibilities are in teaching, both graduate and undergraduate, in research, and in service to the community and university. I enjoy teaching and try to make the learning process fun. I also maintain an active research program in the area of psychiatric rehabilitation. Within the psychology department, my primary duties are as a fulltime faculty member of the Clinical Rehabilitation Psychology Ph.D. and M.S. programs (A.P.A. approved).

Clinical Rehabilitation Psychology Program

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Current Research Projects

MCGREW, JOHN H. (Associate Professor), Ph.D. 1991, Indiana University; M.S.E. 1977, University of Michigan; B.M.E. 1977, GMI Engineering and Management Institute. Current research interests include:

Selected Publications

For a complete list of publications see my Curriculum vitae.

Description of current or recently funded projects
Hospital Closing Evaluation
I am involved as part of a multidisciplinary team investigating the long-term effects of the closing of Central state Hospital on the lives of former patients and former workers at the hospital. I also am involved in a similar study of the closing of Muscatatuck State Developmental Center and the downsizing and reorganization of Madison State Hospital. A series of seven articles outlining the preliminary results of the Central state hospital study appeared in 1999, in volume 26, number 3 of the Journal of Behavioral Health Services and Research.
Hoosier Assurance Plan Assessment Instrument Development
I am involved in developing instruments to assess individuals seen at mental health facilities receiving state support. The instruments are designed to assess overall functioning and client self-management, to assess changes in functioning and self-management, and to assist planners in assigning individuals to the appropriate cost reimbursement level (i.e., capitation rate).
Performance Indicators for State Mental Health System
Indiana is part of a 16 state effort to implement a standard set of 32 indicators of mental health system performance (e.g, client satisfaction, client level of functioning, number of persons served by state hospital). In my role as faculty member of the Indiana Center for Mental Health Services Research, and along with Paula Barrickman, Project Coordinator and Research Associate in the department of psychology, I am principal investigator of this grant to help implement performance indicators in Indiana.
Program evaluation of Our Town Integrated Service Agency (ISA) A Program of the Mental Health Association in Marion County & Gallahue Mental Health Services
Our Town is a site chosen nationally to replicate the successful Village Integrated Service Agency (ISA) program of Long Beach, CA.  The ISA model is a recovery-based, community integration model that has been shown to be successful in helping individuals with severe mental illness reduce hospitalization and incarceration rates, increase competitive employment, and improve housing and financial status.  Our Town will focus on young adults aged 18-25. Some critical aspects of the model include: (1) easily accessible, long term services available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, (2) provision of the full array of services needed to support the clients, with a minimum of outside referrals, (3) majority of services provided in the home or community, (4) no discharge expectation and high retention of clients, (5) full integration of substance abuse and mental illness services, (6) focus on enhancing quality of life as opposed to reduction in psychiatric symptoms, and (7) services are individualized.
Performance based funding of Supported Employment
Supported employment is an evidenced-based practice to help person with severe mental illness choose, get and keep a competitive job. I am evaluating a pilot study of performance-based contracting for SE at five sites in Indiana. Under performance-based contracting sites get paid when specific milestones are met, instead of the traditional method where payment is by the number of hours spent with the client, regardless of success.
Assertive Community Treatment Center of Indiana
Assertive community treatment is an evidenced-based practice to help persons with severe mental illness improve their lives and to support them so they are able to stay in the community. I am one of the evaluators for the ACT Center of Indiana.  The ACT Center of Indiana is a collaboration of the Department of Psychology at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) and the Adult & Child Center of Indianapolis, and is funded by the Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addictions. The ACT center is a training and resource center to help guide and evaluate the implementation of ACT in Indiana.
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Course Information

Undergraduate courses

Graduate courses

Ph.D. Preliminary Examination

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Personal Interests

Odd things
I love anomalies, unexplained phenomena that don't fit with our current knowledge or expectations. It is at the edges of what we know where we have the most to learn. Check out the following websites for a flavor of what I mean.
Fortean Times Online Charles Fort started it all in terms of modern interest in strange phenomena
CATHOLIC APPARITIONS OF JESUS AND MARY There are lots and lots of these, it's amazing
The Apparitions of the Virgin Mary in the 20th Century. More of the same
THE ANOMALIST Another good source for general strangeness
Society for Scientific Exploration Attempts to provide an outlet for serious research on anomolous phenomena
International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) (Near-Death Experiences) Sponsors research and conferences
Comparative religions
Spiritual topics fascinate me. Studying comparative religions is to relive the parable about the five blindfolded men trying to describe an elephant by touch, e.g., the one who touched the tail thought it was a snake, the one who touched the legs thought it was a tree. Of course all are describing the same animal, but they argue about it nonetheless. Check out the following websites for some interesting spiritually-oriented sites. My own philosophy is closest to Advaitic (non-dualistic) Hindu or Mahayana Buddhist thought. taichi
What religion are you?  Answer twenty questions and find out. 
Welcome to Watchman Fellowship Online! Christian oriented, but links to some information on other religions
Beliefnet.com A great resource for comparative religions
THE NEURAL SURFER Eclectic mix of interesting stuff on philosophy and spirituality. Humorous and largely cynical take on religion and spirituality.

Science Fiction and Fantasy
I enjoy reading science fiction and fantasy novels. I especially like fantasy trilogies of the sword and sorcery variety (e.g., Tolkien). Below are some sites for those interested in the genre. Because there are so many science fiction books, and many are not worth reading, I find sites that provide information on award winners and top-ten lists especially helpful.
Elfwood Fantasy and Science Fiction Art Gallery A huge collection of fantasy images by professionals and amateurs alike
Science fiction resource guide A compendium of net resources about Science Fiction
AwardWeb: Collections of Literary Award Information Includes the Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy award winners
The Recommended Fantasy Author List Just what it says
The Locus Magazine Index to Science Fiction Awards Locus magazine is one of the best SF fanzines, this is a comprehensive list of science fiction and fantasy book awards.
New England Science Fiction club recommended reading list Very comprehensive
The Internet Top 100 SF/Fantasy List Vote and add your voice to this ongoing list
Playing guitar
What can I say, I like to play. Sort of a punk-folk-blues-jazz mix. Fingerpicking. flat-picking, and once in a while some electric. I also have a classical guitar, but it is wasted on me.

Biographical information

I am an Air Force brat and a recovering engineer. I came to psychology later in life. For the masochistic I have written a brief biography click here --> Brief Biography of John McGrew

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